Rose Geranium Baby Balm

The only rose inspired baby balm.

Flowers from Heaven is a subtle, soft and floral scented baby balm for your own Little Flower. Created with rose geranium essential oil, it is not only perfect for your baby, but can be used on anyone's skin, anywhere. 

Our balms are:

  • 100% All Natural. No synthetic or petroleum-based ingredients. All scents are derived from natural essential oils.
  • Handmade in small batches. We personally inspect every single tube we send out!
  • Cloth diaper safe. We have been a cloth diapering family for 6+ years, and made sure CheruBalm was compatible.
  • Personally inspected tube by tube before shipping to ensure quality.
Each balm is supplied in a convenient twist tube for easy and clean application. The 2 ounce twist tube is ideal for your changing table.